4 Reasons you should be using a Car Cover

On Sunday, February 11th, 2018

A car is nowadays a necessity, not a luxury, but it remains one of the biggest investments in your life. Protecting the car is among the biggest worries of any car owner. You buy insurance for it and you make sure you take it to the service on regular basis, but what about weather damage? Or scratches? There is a simple way to protect your car from these: car covers.

There are car covers for any type of car, be it a large SUV, an elegant limousine or a family station wagon. There are also multiple types of covers, which allow you to protect parts of the car. If you are not yet convinced why you should invest in a car cover, here are some good reasons.

No more cracked rubber rims

Weather is a major enemy for your car. Depending where you live, it can have a major impact on your car’s looks and not only. Direct sunlight fades out the paint and the fabrics inside the car. It also leads to cracks in the rubber trims and damages the dashboard.

Frequent rain, excessive moisture and lots of snow can also damage the paint and promote rusting. Snow and below freezing temperatures damage the windshield wipers. Snow also gathers inside the bed of trunks, which is quite a problem. On top of this, acid rain is a common problem in many parts of the world. Wind is also dangerous for your car, as it can break branches that can fall on the car and make a dent and it can bring a lot of debris, which sticks underneath the hood.

Nature can be hard on your car

Owners of black or dark gray cars know how hard it is to keep them clean. There is always at least one bird who decides to do its thing on the car. Then, there is pollen, which is also sticky. A car cover protects your vehicle from all of these and extends the time between two washings.


It’s nice to find a kitten sleeping on the car, until you notice the scratches on the hood. By using a cover you can enjoy the sight of small animals on your car without thinking of the marks they leave. And they are also protected from entering inside the car and getting stuck in dangerous places.

Kids and neighbors

Apart from weather, the biggest enemies of your car are people. Kids love to play around cars, but they often manage to scratch them. Bikes often end up bumping into a car, scratching it or making a dent and balls are often missed and they land on your car. If you own a trunk, your bed is going to be everyone’s favorite place for depositing or dropping stuff. And we all know that one person who can’t resist scratching a new car! There are also people who love to “borrow” your car’s antenna.

Covering your car is going to protect it from unintentional and intentional damage people can do to it.

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