5 Tips to Find Lost Car Keys

On Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Keeping track of your stuff is not always easy. And to no surprise, apparently among the most commonly misplaced possessions are included the car keys. This kind of incident can be very stressful in a morning when you are late for work. We will provide here some useful tips to find lost car keys.

Calming Down

When you are stressed your mind can’t focus. Your emotional response to losing your car keys is likely to distract you from looking for them. If you want to find something you need to first calm down. You won’t be able to focus if you let adrenaline to take control. Take a step back and remind yourself that losing your keys is not the end of the world. Take a moment to breathe deeply in and out. This will help you calm your mind and being able to refocus. As you are breathing deeply, empty your brain and clear your head of other thoughts. Stop for a moment trying to frantically think about where you lost your car keys and just keep your mind clear and empty.

Looking for your keys

Put the event in its context and try to remember where you were and what were you doing when you last had your car keys. Thinking through the context can help you remember where you left your keys. Be confident in yourself and optimistic that you’ll end up finding your car keys. This attitude will not only calm yourself but will also provide you the energy you need to go looking for your keys. Be systematic in your search. For instance, if you think that you have lost your car keys in a certain room, divide the room into sections and search through each section one by one. Lift up other items, search under furniture, and clean away the clutter. If this doesn’t work you can always find car key replacements here.

Check around the play you usually keep them

Another tip to find lost car keys is to search for them around the place where you usually keep them. Statistics and real life observations have shown that usually lost objects are found within eighteen inches of their original location. Even if this might sound surprising, it is uncannily accurate. So, it is wise to start by first checking where your car keys should usually be. For example, if you always keep your car keys by the door, first look around the door. Your keys may be under your purse or may have fallen off the table.

Check odd places

Another useful tip to find lost car keys is to also check some odd places. Sometimes, when you are distracted and lightheaded, it’s happening that you may have placed your car keys s in an odd place without realizing it. For example, especially if you’re half asleep, you may have left them on the coffee table without realizing it. Also check your car. You might have just locked your car keys inside.

Double check your pockets

Even if this might seem redundant, don’t forget to double check your pockets for the car keys. Though you’ve already searched there, by looking in the same place can be successful the second time. Look in your pants, your coat, your jacket, and your briefcase or purse.

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