5 Unusual Car Facts

On Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

Cars are pretty awesome things and have become one of our most primal possessions. Driving is now a rite of passage and seen as a bid for freedom. For others, cars are not only a necessity but a hobby too and it’s really no wonder – they’re pretty amazing!


With the help of a used car dealership, we have put together 5 of our favourite fun facts about cars:

  1. Contrary to what you might expect, the most expensive and attractive cars are not the ones that are most likely to be stolen. Surprisingly, it is the more common cars which are most likely to be nicked. Those who steal cars usually aren’t taking them to drive, but to sell to ‘chop shops’ where they are dismantled and the parts are then sold. Hondas are particularly targeted for this as their parts are relatively expensive. The chances of recovering a stolen car are very slim, however, it would seem that your chances improve if you are a beloved children’s personality… Mr. Rogers once had his car stolen but then the thieves returned the car with the message ‘Sorry, we didn’t know it was yours’.
  2. Theoretically, cars can be driven upside down. Although the idea of a car being driven upside down may seem pointless and probably impossible, science has assured us that is is actually possible for a car to drive on the ceiling. Race cars, such as those designed for F1 racing, have inverted wings which work the opposite way to aircraft wings as they generate downforce which pushes the car against the ground. Although this doesn’t sound very useful for speed, it stops cars from flipping over at corners and flying off the track. However, although science says it can happen, that doesn’t mean it necessarily should. Driving upside would be horribly disorientating and the cars’ engines and components are not designed to operate properly upside down (unsurprisingly)
  1. Films which are set in Cuba usually portray pristine rows of vintage cars which look like everyone in Cuba has a passion for classic cars. However, as usual, the reality of the situation is something much darker. In 1960, the US issued a trade embargo against Cuba. Amongst other things, the effect on the automobile industry was that new cars stopped coming into the country. Along with this, the Cuban government stopped the purchasing of cars and you were only allowed to buy what was already on the island at the time of the embargo so that everything could be freely traded and sold. However, in early 2014, the Cuban government lifted the sanctions, giving people the chance to buy cars as they wished. The US still bans car exports but manufacturers in other countries such as France, are trading. Unfortunately, due to the painfully low incomes of Cuba’s people, the majority cannot afford to purchase cars.
  1. Although you may not think so, the world’s most expensive car is not amongst the likes of Bentleys and Rolls Royce but of a smaller, faster kind. You could in fact buy 20 Bentleys for the price of the globally renowned Lamborghini Veneno. Boasting a 740 horsepower engine and reaching up to speeds of 220.5 mph, it is sold at an incredible $4,500,000.
  1. Probably one of the saddest and most interesting facts is the effect that 9/11 had on the motor industry in the US. This horrendous terrorist attack that took place in NYC has had far reaching social, political and financial implications that are still present today. These shocking plane crashes put a lot of people in the states off flying and others are now simply adverse due to the presence of National Guardsmen holding automatic weapons at airports. As a large number of flights in the US are domestic flights, this allowed people the option of driving instead of flying and this fast became the primary choice of travel.

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