Best Exterior Car Cleaning And Care Tips

On Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

With the sun out and the cold winter weather behind us, it’s time that you got your bucket and sponge out and gave your car the TLC it deserves! After months of abuse with all the road salt, grit and grim playing havoc with your cars bodywork, I think it really does deserve some sprucing up!

In this article, you will find the best car care tips on the market to get your car looking just as it did on the first day you bought it.


Washing your car

Washing your car goes far beyond just using some soap and water with a bucket and sponge. You will need to invest in a good car shampoo that is known to work on cars of all colours, do not just get a shampoo that is for black cars because your car is black, as it may damage the paintwork of your car because not every car is the same shade of black!

A good tip here is to wash the body of your car with water before you start applying the shampoo as this will take off any excess dirt. By working your way from the roof of your car to the tires you will ensure that you are getting to every inch of the car! Make sure that you do not miss the bottom of the car as that is where most of the dirt from the road clings too.

After you’ve washed the car, rinse it off and then dry using a good quality cloth. Many people ignore drying their car however it is important to do this so there are no water marks or streaks anywhere.


Cleaning the Wheels

You can use a sponge or mitt to clean the rims of your wheels however you may want to use something smaller such as a narrow brush to ensure every last crevice is cleaned and there is no dirt left in site! It is recommended that you use a proper alloy wheel cleaner to lift off the brake dust and grime from your alloys.

Wax and Polish

Wax is important to keep the bodywork and paint of your car protected and looking good.

An extra tip here is once your car is washed and dry, put your hand in a plastic bag and run it down the bodywork of your car and if it is smooth you have no problem however if it feels bumpy like sandpaper then it will need claying.

If your bodywork is smooth and you are happy then it is time you apply the wax and polish. Make sure that you have read the instructions carefully!

The Finishing Touches!

To finish the exterior care of your car all that is left is to polish the trims of your car. For maximum shine it is recommended that you invest in a good quality bumper shine to the bumper and other trims of your car. Use a new clean cloth to do this to ensure there is no dust or dirt sticking to it as you are adding your final touches and ruining your new car shine!

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