Easy Steps to Minimize Gas Usage and Increase Your Fuel Economy

On Monday, June 27th, 2016

It’s no surprise that the price of gas is continuing to rise, and with no signs that it will be going back to the ‘good old days’ that we remember. While most motorists accept that they need fuel and continue to drive and pay as usual, we have a few easy tips to share which can help you cut down the number of trips you make to the gas station.


Drive Smarter

Despite what most motorists believe, there are many ways they can optimize how they drive to their daily and weekly errands. If you find that you are always getting stuck in traffic as you drive between your weekly supermarket shop and tanning salon appointment, change the time at which the drive occurs when traffic flows smoother. The time stuck in traffic is using precious gas and costing money which could be better spent elsewhere.

Additionally, look for ways to optimize the routes that you can. Often, the quickest route doesn’t mean fewer miles; it just means you will drive faster for more of your journey. Use a mapping service to see which routes can reduce the miles driven to use less fuel.

Keep Your Car in Good Shape

Something as simple as an oil change can drastically reduce your gas usage. When your car engine operates, metal components interact with one another at high speeds. If your car is running low on oil, the barrier which usually minimizes this friction and helps your engine operate with ease is no longer present. This increase in friction requires your engine to work harder just to do its regular job. A harder working engine requires more energy, and there’s only one place where it gets that energy – your gas tank.

Adjust Your Driving Style

Most drivers accelerate as fast as their car will allow as soon as the light turns green. While this may provide a thrilling feeling, it’s often short lived as they approach the next red light. Instead, take off slowly from the lights, and if you see a red light ahead, coast towards it.

While these tips may seem basic, their impacts on your gas usage can be significant. The next time you sit down to plan your errands, be sure you are using the most effective route, ensure your fluids are topped up, and give your gas pedal a small reprieve at the traffic lights.

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