Easy Ways To Improve Your Driving

On Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

This may not come to a surprise, but passing your driving test does not mean you’re a good driver. It only means that you can perform safely in a controlled environment. The real education starts when you get on the road yourself. Perhaps you’ve had a few too many close calls, or your friends won’t leave off your driving skills. If so, here are some ways you can improve your driving.

The first point I can offer you is to stop speeding. I’m not just writing this to be PC, or deflect any kind of legal trouble from the blog. Speeding will negatively affect your reactions, and every other part of your driving. I understand overtaking and pushing the limit when you’re late for something important. However, you should at least make a point not to speed for convenience. This not only puts you in danger, but also doesn’t make that much difference to the overall time of your journey. Decrease your speed, and you’ll be increasing your capabilities as a driver. A few miles over the limit could mean the difference between you swerving away from a hazard, or colliding head-on.

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My second tip is probably the most straightforward. Continue your education. As I said in the intro, you shouldn’t stop learning as soon as you pass your test. If you think the state of your driving is a risk, then you should be working on it in any way possible. Defensive driving courses will show you how to be a safer driver, and may also lower the cost of your car insurance. Alternatively, if you need something more affordable, you could use programs like this $5 dollar traffic school. If you’re fairly young, and haven’t been driving for that long, then you could ask your parents to ride along with you, and give you some pointers. I’m sure they’d love the opportunity to nag you about your bad habits!

Finally, eliminate as many distractions as you can. I’m sure you know that using your phone while driving is against the law. I’m also sure you know that you can drive while using a phone in complete safety. Sure, it’s possible. That certainly doesn’t make it right though! If you have a poor attitude to potential distractions, you’ll be more liable to make mistakes on the road. Try cutting it all out, at least for a while. Ban yourself from eating while driving, turn off the music, and put your phone on silent. If you think you’ll be able to dodge the ridicule, explain to your friends that you don’t want to be distracted too. Make a point to be more alert of hazards on the road, and think about ways you could improve your manoeuvres. After a while, this careful driving will become second nature, and distractions won’t phase you nearly as much.

I hope these tips help you to improve your driving. My final tip is try to relax. No one’s a perfect driver, and if you expect yourself to screw up, it improves the chances that you will.

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