FIA OKs Tesla Model S Electric Car Series Production

On Saturday, February 24th, 2018

FIA finally gives the green light for the production of a racing series that is all-electric. The organisation has officially sanctioned the forthcoming Electric Production Care Series. The governing body for the motorsport world gave the approval well ahead of the inaugural of its 2018 season.

The series is going to be contested by other 20 identical TESLA P100D Model Ss that are race –prepared and have also been modified in order to successfully produce a total of 784 bhp. The vehicles are also designed to successfully rev up from 0 to 62mph in just a matter of 2.1 seconds. This is thanks to a kerb weight that has been significantly reduced.

The company responsible for the all-electric series, Electric GT Holdings, also made the confirmation for the sporting regulations that are going to have to be followed for each of the race weekends. It also includes the promising of two practice sessions, a qualifying format in three heats, as well as two races of 60km. One of the races is going to be held at night and one will be carried out during the day.

Teams and drivers are going to earn points through the use of the same system that was deployed in Formula 1. There is a total of 25 points that are going to be available for the race win. The point goes down to just one point for the person that will be taking the 10th place.

There are also bonus points that will be awarded for the fastest in the lap race, pole position, as well as victory as well. Already, the competition is now being tagged as a Drift Off. There are drifting challenges, the last stage is going to be contested by the two winning drivers of each weekend. They will also be joined by the two top drivers based on popularity from fan votes on social media.

This is expected to be a truly exciting as the Electric Production Series has been successfully and officially sanctioned and recognised by FIA. A spokesperson from the company attested that they are honoured to finally be able to secure the support of FIA for their inaugural season. The company is also quite delighted to publish the regulations for the Series. Considerable time has been invested in order to successfully get the regulations refined to make sure that a thrilling and competitive racing is going to be allowed.

Fans are definitely going to have so many racing actions to witness and so much excitement to look forward to since there is a qualifying system that has three heats, two EPCS races, along with the eSports and the eKarting rounds as well. The inaugural season is expected to take place this year. However, there has been no specific date that has been set. Among the eight venues that have been listed by EPCS’ website so far include the UK, Germany, Italy, and France. A ninth is going to be revealed soon.

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