Good Sport! 3 Fantastic Cars With Strong Sport Credentials

On Monday, November 24th, 2014

For many drivers, a good car needs to be just as impressive under the hood as it is on the exterior aesthetics front. It doesn’t always need to be a sports car – but it needs to feel like one.

As such, getting the right car with strong sporting credentials can help any driver get that thrill. Here we look at three examples that, in their own unique ways, suggest a more sporting nature.


Chrysler 300C

At first, it might not look like a sporting model, featuring Chrysler’s display of elegance and luxury, but it’s a different matter when you look at the specifications. Few things shout out power and performance like a V6 engine. This is more than enough for when you’re on the road, and easily copes with when you want to drive fast and keep control.

With models such as the Chrysler 300C sport, it’s clear this vehicle had this very purpose in mind. Why choose between elegance and performance when you can have both? Chrysler is known for engineering and skilled design, so it’s no surprise something like the 300C can handle in all areas.


Ford Mustang

Some cars focus on the fine tuning and small details, while others go for force and muscle. The Ford Mustang is definitely in the latter category. A typical muscle car, the Mustang packs a V6 engine and has the sporting look that gives its power away.

Whilst it doesn’t have the elegance of a Chrysler, the Mustang has a more blunt appearance, with sleek bodywork, front intakes and lights that give away this car’s nature very easily.


Citroen DS3

Finally, there are cars out there that have proven themselves in sporting events. When it comes to motor vehicles, rallying can give a great image of a car’s capabilities and few cars win as much as the Citroen DS3.

This, in many ways, is the opposite of the Mustang. It offers performance and capabilities similar to the Chrysler 300C, but has a small and nimble body for tighter accuracy. It’s a small sacrifice on comfort to gain a small, manoeuvrable vehicle. Commercial models often act similar to a hatchback, perfect for city dwelling but capable on open roads.

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