How To Get the Car You Always Wanted at the Best Price Possible

On Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

You may know precisely what make and model car you want to buy. You have been saving for years and know conclusively it is within your budget. Even if you can pay full price for a car, you can still save a bundle by being a savvy shopper. You need to learn the art of negotiating at car dealerships. Going to a dealership as an informed dealership could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. There is no need to pay full price when you can keep money in your wallet where it belongs.

Find the Best Deals for This Specific Car

You should have a fair understanding of how much the car you want sells for. Kelley Blue Book now has a mobile app you can utilize, so you can look up average car prices on the go. You should also have a firm understanding of what add-ons you need and can do without. Many car salesmen know customers are getting better about research, so they are more likely to push these expensive accessories.

Consider Whether You Are Getting a Good Extended Warranty

Most add-ons, such as VIN etching and specialty paint coating, are not worth it. You should keep the money secured tightly in the bank for insurance payments. However, many customers scratch their heads when the topic of extended warranties comes up.

You only want to purchase extended warranties for new or certified pre-owned vehicles directly from the manufacturer. That means the warranty comes directly from BMW, Toyota, Honda or whatever company made the vehicle. This is due to the fact a manufacturer’s warranty will extend beyond the standard factory warranty. It is a type of insurance, and it could protect you if you require any extensive repairs down the road. Watch out for useless warranties that occasionally come with used cars.

Look at Auto Insurance Before Buying a Car

Before you buy any car, you need to see how much it will cost to insure first. You should go to several different insurance agencies, both national and local, to see which ones offer you the best rates. When looking at rates, do not merely look at the monthly premiums. You also need to consider how much coverage you actually get. It may work out in the long run if you get uninsured driver coverage and gap insurance.

You also want to see if the coverage is substantially less for a given car. Although your focus may be on getting the car you’ve always wanted, you need to think practically. It may be able to find a car that comes with all the same features but costs much less to insure.

Sell Your Old Car

If you need some extra funds to purchase your dream car, then you need to consider selling your old car independently. Many dealerships will buy old cars off you, but you may not get as much money as you would like. People can often get 20 percent more when they sell on their own. While it requires a little extra work, those extra funds can really come in handy.

To have an easier time selling your vehicle, you want to give it a thorough wash before showing it to anyone. Showing off a dirty car will immediately make a bad impression. You also want service records readily available. This will show prospective buyers there is either nothing wrong or they know exactly what they need to fix.

Send Emails to a Bunch of Dealers

Once you know exactly what you want, go to a local dealership such as AutoVillage and take it for a test drive to be sure. Do not buy at this point. Instead, you want to go home and send an email to other dealerships in town that have the exact car you want. In this email, you want to indicate you know what you want and have already driven it. Make it clear you are ready to buy, and indicate what options the car must come with.

You also want to mention you have been pre-approved for financing, but you are willing to finance through the dealership for a simpler transaction. You are bound to get a few responses, and you can then take those quotes to the dealership you test-drove the car at. This increases the likelihood of getting a great price for Audi A5 Personal Contract Hire.

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