How to Show People You’re Not Their Uber Driver

On Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

These days it’s not uncommon to have someone mistake you for their incoming Uber driver, especially if you live in a larger city area. People may come up and ask or just try to open up your car door, innocently thinking that you’re the Uber or Lyft driver they’re waiting on!

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Why People Get Confused

Although Uber and Lyft both tell you what kind of car the driver will have, there are a lot of common vehicles, and not everyone knows exactly what each one will look like. Maybe your car is similar to the one coming for them, or they didn’t pay enough attention to what car is headed their way. Whichever case applies, people are quite often found mistaking random drivers as their incoming Uber. If you want to do your best to avoid this issue, there are a few ways you can try to dissuade people.

4Ideas to Show You’re Not Their Uber Driver

  1. Decals and stickers

It might sound funny, but a few well-placed car decals and stickers may be able to get the message across. Some are humorous, like this fake taxi decal, but even a serious decal may get enough attention to make people think twice. Stickers and decals do run the risk of making your car stand out more though, which could exacerbate your problem in some cities.

  1. Relocate your GPS

One of the signature signs of an Uber driver is the GPS sitting on the dashboard. This is easy to see and is a sort of staple item in most ride-sharing driver cars. Unfortunately, many other people also like their GPS up on the dashboard or the windshield as well. But, if you want less of a chance of getting mistaken for an Uber, move your GPS lower so it’s out of site from outside the car.

  1. Lock your doors

If someone walks up to your car and tries to enter because they think it’s an Uber, they might think twice if they find the doors locked. It’s a good last line of defense to help you keep strangers from entering into your mistaken Uber car on their own.

  1. Tinted windows

Although there can definitely be Ubers with dark tinted windows, people are less likely to approach a car like this without some level of certainty about their rideshare. Tinted windows make a car look more intimidating, helping you to give off a less friendly appearance that won’t seem as attractive to potential Uber riders. Make sure this is legal in your state or country before doing it! Some regulations prevent dark tint from being used on personal car windows.


Uber has dramatically changed the way we get around, but it’s come with a few unfortunate inconveniences for the rest of us! Although being mistaken for an Uber driver is a bit understandable, it’s still and awkward situation that no one really wants to deal with. Try out these thing to see if you can convince someone you’re not their ride before they have to ask.

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