Is Leasing The Right Option For You?

On Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Most people have a couple of choices on the table when it comes to getting a new car. They can even raid their bank accounts and head down to a local showroom, or they can contact some leasing companies. Below are some pros and cons of leasing that should help to set the record straight. There is also an infographic for anyone who needs more info.

The pros of leasing

Firstly, it’s important to note that you don’t need a lump sum of cash to lease a car in most instances. That is one of the primary reasons individuals select this option. You’ll also want to consider the fact that drivers don’t have to worry about paying for repairs when it comes to hiring cars. On top of that, your insurance cover will often come with the price, and so you don’t incur any extra expenses other than fuel costs.

The cons of leasing

Just like everything else in this world, there are always downsides too. Some people think that leasing is not unlike throwing their money in the trash. You could spend thousands during a twelve-month period and end up with nothing to show for that investment. Also, you might face some extra charges from the hire company if you return their vehicle with cosmetic damage like scratches.

Only you can decide the best route forward, but if you’re still not sure which way to turn, check out the graphic below. Hopefully, you will have no doubts left in your mind by the time you leave this page.

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