Quick checks when buying a used carin Dubai

On Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Your dream car caught your attention? Worried you can’t afford one? Don’t let your dream car just be a dream. There is a solution for every problem. And the solution is Used Cars!

You can buy used cars from classified website in Dubai UAE which is a great option and there are many cars at all price ranges, ages and conditions available in the market. It can truly get you more value for money as you will find the car you dream in the most economical way.

Check through these important facts before investing in a used carthatminimizes the chance of you making the wrong choice.

  1. Ask Questions to the Owner?

Ask the owner why the car is being sold! Ask if the car has had any major issues or if it requires any significant repairs soon. Try and sense if the owner is hiding something about the vehicle.

  1. Check the tyres

The scorching temperatures can have a harmful effect on the health of tires. Low treads increase the risk of a hazardous blowout, so ensure that there is at least 5mm of tread. Although the legal requirement is 2mm of tread, a well-maintained car should have decent rubber. This rule also applies to the brand of the tyre. If the tyres are by a brand you know, such as Bridgestone or Pirelli, it’s usually a sign that the owner hasn’t taken shortcuts on costs.

  1. Look out for oil leaks

Ask the owner to run the car for ten minutes and then check beneath. If you lookat puddle of oil beneath, then alarm bells should start ringing, (you should also scan the driveway for suspicious looking stains). Wet patch of water is less alarming as these are just run-over from the air conditioning.

  1. Inspect the engine like an expert

While buying used car for sale in Dubai You don’t need to know the complex mechanics to inspect a car. Lift the bonnet and check for a rational amount of dirt, to indicate that the owner hasn’t had the engine cleaned to mask any mechanical misbehaviors.

  1. Check the paintwork

A swift inspection of the interior doorframe will give you aknowledge of the cars original paintjob. Depending on the age of car, it gives you a clue as to whether the car’s been resprayed. It could even expose if the car’s been in an accident. Dents and scrapes are also something to be watchful. You can also negotiate with the price in case of any odd scratch.

  1. Check for the Mileage

Most motorists cover between 20,000 and 30,000 kilometers a year.Do check the car’s odometer to determine the age of the machine.

  1. Check the documentation

Ensure that you get a service book from the owner that has regular stamps and receipts for maintenance. This helps in buying a car for safer and potential purchase and not on a blind trust.

  1. Check the electrics

Check all the switchgear, including electric mirrors, the sunroof and windows, to avoid any unwanted repair bills or silent trips.

Most obvious…

Take a Test drive

Check for the gearbox, breaks and general health of the vehicle as you test drive the car

Don’t trip on the first car you see

If you are specific about a car you want, just don’t snap for the first car you see. Look through few cars to get a clear idea of what else is in the market in your price range.

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