Seven Reasons the Mini is Still Cool

On Tuesday, March 15th, 2016


The Mini hasn’t stopped being cool. There may be some misery-guts people out there who scoff at the idea, but it’s true. If you’re yet to buy a car, you shouldn’t dismiss the idea of getting a Mini. It’s not just an iconic novelty. Here are a few reasons the Mini still retains class, usefulness and sex appeal.

Park it here, park it there, park it anywhere

See that guy over there, struggling to fit his oversized, fuel-guzzling SUV into that parking spot? Not a problem for you, ultra-smooth Mini driver. You can fit two Minis into your average parking spot (though I don’t recommend that). This saves you time and stress, and also opens up a bunch of parking possibilities to you.

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The Italian Job

Yeah, you were probably expecting this one. Someone has probably defending the Mini to you using this movie. But seriously, it’s one of the coolest movies of all time. It will never not be cool. And as long as The Italian Job is cool, the Mini is cool. Oh, and I am talking about the 1968 British film, not the 2003 American remake. That remake almost killed the Mini’s cool. Almost.

People are always looking to buy it

Very, very few cars increase in value over time. As soon as you drive your car out of the lot, it begins losing value. (That’s depreciating assets for you, I’m afraid.) So you’re not guaranteeing yourself a future fortune when you buy a Mini. But you can be pretty confident someone will take it off your hands when you’ve exhausted your use of it. Selling your Mini isn’t a challenge; the value is too good, and there are too many people out there who love and collect them.

It’s comfortable

It looks small, but don’t let it fool you into thinking you’ll be cramped in one. A Mini is almost like Doctor Who’s TARDIS; it’s bigger on the inside. (Doctor Who is very uncool, so I won’t be using it in the same sentence as ‘a Mini’ again.) It famously has a surprising amount of legroom, having found quite the audience with very tall drivers.

mini-cooper-auto-model-vehicle-mini-green8Photo Credit Visual Hunt

It’s as ecologically-friendly as it looks

If I had to name a car that looked friendly, it would have to be the Mini. Unfortunately, the Mini isn’t a sentient being. It can’t be friendly to me. One thing it is friendly to, however, is the environment. It consistently ranks among the most ‘green’ vehicles on the road, with a number of built-in innovations that save on fuel and energy.

It’s tougher than it looks

Much like that tiny gun that Will Smith uses in Men In Black, the Mini packs much more of a punch than you’d think. Its safety scores are excellent every year. It consistently proves wrong the naysayers who believe it will crumble at the slightest touch!

It’s like a BMW-engineered go-kart

Many people have likened the experiencing of driving a Mini to that of driving a go-kart. If you’ve never driven a go-kart (poor you!), then let me tell you: it’s a lot of fun. Over the years, the Mini has remained a fun and responsive ride. But underneath that hood is the quality engineering that BMW is famed for, available for a lower price than your average BMW.

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