Shocking Stats About Driving Under the Influence

On Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

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Despite a lot of public health warnings and good work in the fight against drink and drug driving, it is still the biggest killer on American roads. There are some alarming statistics that everyone should know, and today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most surprising facts.

DUIs cause injury often

At current rates, someone driving under the influence causes an injury every two minutes. While the majority of these are minor, it’s still a sobering statistic. Plus, the risk of serious injury and death is still incredibly high. 27 people die every day due to people driving under the influence of drink or drugs.

Individuals with DUI convictions continue to drive

Over half of all drivers keep driving on a suspended license after a DUI. That figure can rise to 75% in some states. It’s an astonishing sign that people just don’t seem to care about the conviction and will continue to use their cars regardless. Whether they are still driving drunk or under the influence of drugs is unknown.

DUI charges are dropped or dismissed more often than you think

Depending on where you live in the country, DUI charges often fail to deliver convictions. For example, in California, only 10% of charges are dismissed. Rhode Island, however, sees dismissals in almost 40% of cases. There are several reasons why, from the probable cause of the initial stop to the failure of police to deliver Miranda Rights. Given how much a charge can affect your future life, it’s vital to get legal help in this scenario. You should look to protect yourself from the life changing effects of a DUI conviction with Sohovich Law or similar legal firms.

Driving under the influence will probably affect you

Alcohol, drugs, and cars are not a compatible mix and will at some point have an impact on most American lives. In fact, two out of every three people will be involved in a car crash where alcohol is involved. Yes, some of these will be minor, and you will walk away unscathed. But the simple fact is that driving anywhere these days is always a gamble.

It takes a long time to get caught

You might think that the advertising and random checking that goes on reduces the number of people drink driving. It does to some extent – there are 50% fewer fatalities since 1980, for example. However, most people who drink drive do so up to 80 times before they are caught. In short, it’s an act of habit and one that doesn’t seem to be going away soon.

It’s expensive

Driving under the influence costs the country a lot of money. Drink driving alone costs the United States around $132 billion every year – that is $500 each year for every adult.

As you can see, driving under the influence is still a major problem in America, despite a lot of good work in the field. In the end, it’s personal responsibility that is causing most of the issues. Make better choices, folks!

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