Sustainable Solutions for Parking in the City

On Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

For individuals who are accustomed to living in rural areas or in the suburbs, one of the biggest hassles they face when they visit the city is trying to find sufficient parking. Throughout the United Kingdom, large municipalities are finding it difficult to create enough parking space for their visitors. Municipalities are looking for smart solutions that may open the way for greater progress in this area.


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To be fair, the problem with finding parking is not limited to the United Kingdom. Finding parking in urban spaces has been a problem throughout the world. New York City, for example, has the reputation of being ridiculously difficult to park in. For this reason, a good portion of New York’s residents choose public transportation as opposed to driving their own vehicle. The need for adequate parking space has created a huge garage industry. The garage industry charges people a hefty sum to be able to park in the city. However, people are happy to pay these fees because the amount of money they pay to park is a lot less than the amount of money they would have to pay if they parked illegally and received a fine from the municipality.

In addition to the potential fines that come from street parking, there is the risk of fender benders and other accidents that happen while parking the car. If a person leaves her car parked on the street, it could get hit by a passerby. And then there is the safety concern of returning to a vehicle that is parked on the street at night. For all of these reasons and many more, cities are focusing on creating controlled parking lots or parking garages.

And, of course, technology is playing a role in making these parking garages more effective. GPS, mobile parking apps, and smart meters are being used by municipalities to make the urban parking experience more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.

In the United Kingdom, municipalities are receiving help from UK parking control companies that specialize in planning parking areas as well as installing state-of-the-art devices that can be used in these parking areas.

Some of the more popular devices and applications that are being implemented in the United States include parking meters or parking sensors that can accept payment with a credit card. There are also meters that work in conjunction with mobile apps to let a person know when a parking space is available.

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