The Electric Price Tag Is Falling Away

On Friday, January 12th, 2018

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Over the past three or fours years, the electric car market has grown in popularity faster than Zendaya’s star has risen in Hollywood, and it is not hard to see why. Sure, for the petrol heads out there, nothing is worse than the EV revolution, but even this steadfast stubbornness is beginning to wane thanks to the Tesla S and the BMW i8.

There is, however, one glaring issue that the electric car market has been doing battle with and that is the matter of cost. To put it bluntly, many have argued that they aren’t as good value as petrol or diesel car. That’s the belief, anyway.

That said, the price is falling at the same rate as Donald Trump’s approval rating. We’re talking about the cost of purchase, the cost of parts and auto body supplies, the cost to run when charging and both servicing and maintenance. With that in mind, here are the cheapest electric cars to run:

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  1. Renault ZOE

If money is the biggest box on your tick-list, then the ZOE needs to be given a whole bunch of undivided attention. It is just one of the least expensive EVs out there with a starting price of $18,000. The only cost you may find a bit “oh” is the monthly rental for your battery, but that is a good safety net to have. When it comes to driving, though, just wow. There is no changing gear and that makes it a really smooth ride. Oh, and with the additional battery pack, a 250-mile range becomes easy.

  1. VW e-Golf

Despite that emissions hiccup not so long ago, VW has maintained its name as being a brand you can trust, and that is exactly what is making the electric range so popular. They are a safe pair of hands for anyone transitioning. In terms of cost, they will set you back just over $32,000, while giving you an official range of 186 miles. That’s not bad when you think the daily average for drivers is 40 miles.

  1. Nissan Leaf

If there is one company that has embraced electric cars more than any other it is Nissan, and the Leaf has been at the forefront of that charge. It is one of the biggest success stories in this arena. It looks quirky, it’s range is decent, the space inside is generous, a full recharge is done in only eight hours and the starting price is just about $30,000. Yeah, this is the original benchmark and it remains a big player.

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  1. VW e-Up

When it comes to choosing an electric car, distance is a big selling point, which is why a lot of people may be put off by the e-Up’s 99-mile range. But you shouldn’t be. Not only is this enough to get you around town and between towns, a thirty-minute boost at a charging spot will replenish you with 80% battery life – just enough time for a coffee and a sandwich. Oh, and it is only $25,000 off the shelf, which makes it one of the best-valued motors out there.

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