The Items Every Driver Should Stack in Their Car

On Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

We are spending a lot of time in our cars, going to work and making errands around the town. This means our cars should be equipped for any situation, from emergencies to spontaneous barbecues. Most people don’t think of their car as the place where they spend just as much time as they spend at home, so they neglect stocking it with essential items, like an umbrella or snacks. From a wanderlust junkie to a stylish businessman, everyone should have the next items in their trunk or glove box.

Lantern or another light device

Your car has its own lights, but you should have a lantern inside it, just in case. What case? When you need to look under the hood during nighttime, for example. Or when you have to illuminate something that is far from the car.

A multi-tool

Swiss Army knives might seem old school, but our parents and grandparents knew why they had them in their pockets. A multi-tool can help you repair a lot of things, from your Ford Explorer to the skateboard and bike. They come with lots of screwdrivers, knives, wrenches and pliers, in different sizes.

Duct tape

If you need to fix something, use some duct tape. Criminals are not the only ones who use duct tape, so make sure you have some in your trunk all the time. You can use it to fix the car or any other thing that needs to be fixed, until you manage to take it to the mechanic or service.


Keeping food in the car is not advisable, but you should have a couple of snacks in your car. Choose something that is not going to spoil easily, like granola bars. They will be real life-savers if you don’t have time to eat or if you have to spend the night in the car due to a storm or another unexpected event. Don’t forget to put a bottle of water next to the snacks, because it’s important to stay hydrated.

A mini camera

You know that little traffic videos from Russia? They are the result of insurance companies laws, which require the drivers to have the cameras on their cars. One small camera is able to record hours of driving and it can save you from a fine, if you have an accident and you are not guilty.


One of the biggest problems of humanity since the appearance of smartphones is a low battery level. You can fix the problem by having a charger in your car at all times or an adapter for your charger.

Nickels and dimes

Free parking is more of a dream these days, so you need to have some change for the parking meter. The coins are also useful when you want to grab a coffee from a dispenser or you need to get a shopping cart.

Pen and paper

Most people rely on their GPS nowadays, but the old pen and paper are still needed from time to time. You can write an address, phone number, shopping list and random ideas you want to save for later.
Depending on your own lifestyle, you can adjust this list and stock the car with another items, which are going to make your life easier on the road.

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