The Spring Health Check Your Car Is Crying Out For

On Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

How much are you dependent on your car?  You could rely on it for your commute to work, your family commitments or even to help you run a business. But how much of what goes on under the bonnet is a mystery? As car owners, we should all know a little more about the maintenance and running of these machines that form an integral part of our lives. Instead of expensive garage repairs, simple and regular maintenance can keep your vehicle running smoothly, prolong it’s lifespan, stop problems building up and even eventually improve the resale value.

Check Fluids and Tire Pressure

A least every few months, or before a long journey, make sure these two elements are both up to scratch. Your car has several important fluids that are quite easy to top up but disastrous if they don’t get replenished. The most obvious one is oil, which can be easily checked when the engine is cool by wiping and re-inserting the dipstick. But you should also regularly check the brake cylinder reservoir and radiator overflow reservoir, as well as the level of power steering fluid – and the hoses and belts for any signs of bad wear and tear. After starting the car and warming the engine, you should also check the transmission fluid level. In terms of the tyres, check the recommended psi in your owners manual or found on the metal plate on the driver side door sill, and use a pressure garage to check it- this can also save you money as tyres to the correct pressure enable more economical fuel consumption when driving.

Parts and Wear

Wear and tear is quite normal over time, but fixing small issues quickly is generally fairly inexpensive and may prevent the build up of issues that can lead to more serious and expensive problems further down the line. Parts are now easy to source online and everything from a great new battery to the best wiper blades that don’t cost a fortune can be found within just a few clicks. There are plenty of instructional videos online that will give you a step by step guide to help you get started with simple fixes and maintenance, so there’s no need to call in  at the garage for those small jobs. It’s almost always much more cost effective!

Start Up Slowly and Listen Up

If your car has been standing idle for a while, especially in colder weather, starting up slowly is much more gentle on the systems. A cold engine needs time for the oil to work it’s way through and make sure all the moving parts are lubricated properly. While this is happening keep your revs low and allow 30 seconds to a minute before shifting into gear and moving off. This approach is far gentler over time on the car and prolongs the life of parts. Also keep an ear out for any unusual engine noises, which are often the first sign of trouble. You can easily then identify if there are foreign objects in the tyres or if the brake pads are wearing down, and take swift action.

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