Transitioning to Owner Operator in the Trucking Industry

On Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Making the transition from a truck driver to an owner operator can be a highly rewarding and successful one. But it requires some knowledge and understanding of what the trucking industry requires. This industry focuses on supporting businesses by giving them the goods they need to operate in a streamlined manner. As an owner operator, you will be an integral part of this chain, and need to identify your customers’ needs.

As a new owner operator, the first thing you should be concerned about is the equipment that you’re actually using. Some questions about the equipment should be answered, such as the amount of money you’ll need to keep up with maintenance, how simple it will be to make replacements and repairs, and how easy it will be to find a reputable mechanic shop. Ideally, you’ll want to find the best truck you can that meets your needs.

After choosing the right truck, your next step is to find the right trailer. Many major companies that lease operators already have trailers that you can use. This will be another path to determining which type of trailer works best for you. A newly leased operator could try a number of trailers before deciding which one is best for their operation. While a trailer has the lowest maintenance costs, it offers the highest return on investment, so choose wisely. The sooner you buy a trailer, the better it will be for your business.

Carriers that lease owner operators pay in a number of ways. These include a percentage-based pay, hourly pay, salary, pay per mile, or any combination of these. The most common payment types are percentage and pay per mile. Which one might be better for you will depend on the going pay rate for freight.

At Landstar, we help each and every one of our owner operators get on the path of success. Our expedited trucking company is made up entirely of owner operators with plenty of experience to assist our members to becoming as successful as they can be. Visit to find out more about the lucrative business of becoming an owner operator.

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