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On Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Although there are competing features in most of the SUVs, the 2017 Toyota Highlander offers a little bit of everything in the three-row family SUV. It is considered to be a must-drive because of the tough segment of stinkers. It gives the perfect size for most families and is easier to maneuver. The new V6 engine comes standard on various trims. The Highlander has a comparatively good fuel economy and impresses with the capable acceleration. There is a good balance of the driving experience between isolation, comfort and driver feedback. Most individuals are intrigued by the versatile cabin that has four USB ports.

It also helps to avoid or mitigate collisions by the Safety Sense package that comes with the latest technologies such as autonomous braking. The strong reliability, resale value, and reputation of the Toyota Company add more taste to the Highlander making it one of the best SUV choices. Significant upgrades have been made on the 2017 Toyota Highlander. It has a new V6 engine that boasts a better fuel economy and more power. It is also accompanied by an automatic stop-start system together with an eight-speed transmission. The Toyota Safety Sense Technology Suite is a new feature that comes standard on almost every trim.

The optional second-row reduces the capacity on one trim of the 2017 Toyota Highlander making it seven. However, it is a large three-row crossover SUV that accommodates eight. The available trim levels include the Limited Platinum, Limited, SE, XLE, LE Plus, and LE. The standard four-cylinder of the LE is a bummer. The Highlander is placed among the class best with an appealing combination of proficient brakes, powerful V6 engine, and an intuitive precise steering. The decent towing and off-road credentials make it a good choice while supporting good handling.

The heated leather front seats offer tons of adjustments and are as comfy as furniture. They also have extendable thigh support and the second-row seats are much firmer. The ride comfort is one of the best qualities of the Highlander. This type of crossover is highly confident and isolated without the feel of a floating barge. You can encounter occasional wisp of wind noise on a blustery highway pass. The interiors of the Highlander is highly competitive in terms of ergonomics, space, and ease of access. There are only a couple of exceptions on some long reaches for controls.

It comes with an average overall cargo capacity with a good small item storage for most families. A resting place for smartphones and other personal items is designated by a unique built-in shelf positioned on the dashboard. Under the sliding armrest cover, you will find a vast amount of space that is big enough to store a sizeable purse or even a laptop. There is a nice plus to the standard suite of safety technology in the 2017 Toyota Highlander. If you lack the money for a range-topping model, then this SUV will be the best you can ever come across. It comes with an easy to use infotainment interface that makes it unique in the class. The LE Plus comes with more impressive features of the trim levels making it a favorite for most individuals.

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