What You Need To Do When Your Car’s Seen Better Days

On Friday, May 6th, 2016

A lot of us have one lying around. There’s no shame in admitting it. Okay, perhaps a little shame. We’re talking about that old banger that you have lying around, taking up space. Perhaps it’s close to totaled. Perhaps it’s just so old that you don’t have the heart to take it out any more. Whatever it is, it’s a waste to leave it lying there. So we’re going to look at what you can do with that ancient car of yours.

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Fix it up

Take another good look at the dusty motor in question. Is it truly written off and ready for the chopping block? Has it really seen its best days or is there another lease of life left in there somewhere? Renovating cars has been a passion of gearheads for a long time now. Some vintage models in particular are attractive beasts when you get them up and running again. It also makes for a great hobby. You learn more about the vehicle and cars in general, which can help you become a much more independent car owner. Not all cars are fit for renovation, of course, but take a closer look at your vehicle before you decide.

Make some money off it

There are quite a few ways to make money off your car. For one, you can sell it outright. Depending on whether it’s usable or not, there will be some dealer out there willing to take your hands off it. However, that might not be the most profitable route. Sometimes, more money lies in selling it as scrap or parts instead.  If it’s so broken you can’t even transport it, look for experienced and trusted car removals. The better of these kinds of services will actually give you money to remove it. If you have a bit of know-how (and aren’t likely to cause damage), you can sell parts online as well.

Donate it

If it’s still got some life or use into it and you don’t feel like you need the money, you can still shift it. In fact, shifting it can actually do a lot of good for some people. There are a lot of organizations and causes that make use of old vehicles. As an added bonus, it might end up doing you some good, too. It’s not guaranteed, but sometimes you’re able to get a tax deduction if you provide records of generous donations to charities. It may involve a bit of work and more paperwork to make that donation pay off. However, even if you don’t get a tax break from it, there’s always the benefit of the world getting some good from something you weren’t using any more.

No car is totally without value. Someone’s always willing to take it off your hands. Whether it’s to recycle those parts or sell them (cutting you in on the deal). Perhaps you can even do some good in getting rid of it. Whatever the case, you’re not doing yourself any good by keeping it where it is.

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