Why You Should Stop Considering Buying That Lexus And Just Do It

On Thursday, August 11th, 2016

When you’re on the market for a new car and you’re breaking into the luxury category, there’s one name that just has to pop up. Obviously, we’re talking about Lexus. The 2016 line of cars is proving one of the most refreshing and revitalizing yet. So it’s a perfect time to analyse what you get with a Lexus and why you ought to turn that ‘maybe’ into a ‘yes’.

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First, you just need to understand the power of the brand. Of the countless hours that go into designing and innovating. The new RX, for example, taking bold strides to an edgier design. The care gone into fitting leather interiors. At the same, carrying that timeless essence in the careful placement of a classy, analogue clock.


It’s not all about looks, either. You could take any Lexus, new or used, from a place like an RRG Group dealership. You’re guaranteed a unique driving experience. Back to the RX, you’re guaranteed engines that stay quiet as a breath even hitting 70mph. Without sacrificing the power of a V6 engine. Even their bigger, bulkier SUVs can give you the kind of precision handling to enjoy a night’s drive in the city with ease.


If there’s one thing you can look forward to in any luxury class vehicle, it’s technology. Lexus is no different in that. Intuitive design goes into the placement of every button. Making sure your drive doesn’t break its stride no matter what you need to do. From operating high quality six speaker sound systems to indicating. Then comes the protection of your car. In most of the 2016 lineup, anti-theft protection and immobilisers will make sure your car stays right where it ought to be.

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Improved technology isn’t just about making you more comfortable and keeping your car out of the wrong hands. It’s about keeping you safe as well. About using the new Lexus Safety System +. About using its camera to give the car an understanding the situation no matter how you’re driving. Knowing when to active pre-crash safety with pedestrian prediction factored in. Luxury cars are more about the thrill of the drive. They’re about keeping you safer than ever.


You’re not going to have to necessarily bankrupt yourself to enjoy luxury, either. The running costs of decreasing on Lexus cars thanks to the brand’s push towards more fuel efficient cars. Even the top-range CTs are known to do between 68 and 78 mpg. Making sure you get plenty of bang for your buck. You can rest assured that depreciation is slowed by the sheer appeal of the Lexus badge, as well.

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Few brands in the car industry have the impact that Lexus does. The unique style and timeless personified in that analogue clock. Technology that improves your drive and your safety. A quiet, yet powerful driving experience. Finally, economy that’s means you’re not immediately breaking your bank. We hope we’ve been able to demonstrate just why the Lexus deserves your deepest appreciation.

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