Work Or Leisure: What Is The Double-Cab Pick-Up Most Suited To?

On Sunday, December 14th, 2014

In the world of motoring, modern cars are expected to perform multiple functions. Whereas once you’d have had vehicles produced with one specific purpose in mind, nowadays almost every model is multipurpose and multifunctional.

Pick-up trucks, the traditional workhorse of the automotive world, are a prime example of this – but what is their primary function?

Looking at the double cab pickup, we consider whether these road beasts are designed more for work or leisure, or if they truly manage to excel at both.

For work

Work is perhaps the most obvious purpose of a pick-up truck. They are mainly associated with agricultural and manufacturing industries, especially in the USA. The reason for their strong work ethic all lies in their design, with the open bed chassis giving users plenty of scope when it comes to loading and unloading materials.

Whether working in construction or farming, the convenience of the vehicle’s rear design makes it perfect for work situation – and the features don’t end there.

These models are typically powered by strong, robust engines. There’s also strong handling and firm suspension – all factors which offer a comfortable drive over a variety of terrains.

For leisure

While the professional credentials of the double cab pick-up are strong, that is not to suggest the leisure uses are inferior.

The double cab design means these vehicles are better suited to families and those travelling in groups or with passengers. While this can have uses in a professional setting (where work colleagues as well as cargo need to be transported), it is a great plus for those engaging in leisure-based pursuits with their families.

The aforementioned specifications also mean that these cars perform well on city roads and on long journeys, making them ideal for family holidays.

Many recent models also have a range of top-end in-car features which are designed to enhance driver and passenger comfort. From built in sat nav systems and MP3 compatible stereos to adjustable seats and climate control, you’ll find modern double cab pick-ups ideal for leisure activities.

The verdict

Overall, both work and leisure pursuits can be handled well by a double cab pick-up and this means there is no clear ‘winner’ when it comes to vehicle use.

If you’re looking for a rugged, versatile vehicle that can cope with the transition from work life to home life, then double cab pick-ups are ideal, but you need to consider your intended use of the vehicle carefully before committing to a purchase. Single cab pick-ups may be better for those looking for a pure work vehicle, while those after a predominantly family-based vehicle may want to consider fully enclosed 4×4 models.

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